miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2009


Today I had a couple of meetings and a good luncheon with some customers from Holand. In fact, they are a multinational (maybe global) client of a good client of mine.

One of the issues at stake was the global crisis and its effect on unemployment. Of course crisis affects Holand also, and of course there is a growing unemployment. We are brothers in this.

But what we learned is that while unemployment is 14% in Spain ( 20% in some regions), it is growing fast toward 6,5%in Holand !!!!!!!! Shame on us!

No further comment on this... Everybody understood that there are "differences"...

Nertheless, we shared some views about the crisis:

* it creates opportunities
* changes are called to be decided and executed
* those who do better will come out in a stronger position
* it is time to be more eager, energetic and fearless toward change
* those who do not succeed in changing, those who think that it is just a cycle and we have to go trough it like holding breath and wait for better times... these guys (companies) will perish
* INNOVATING, doing things in a different way (using or not technology) is one of the clues for success.
* COOPERATION is another... but cooperation has to be understood in a broad and new way...
* PERSONS are the key of success, of INNOVATION and of COOPERATION.

3 (three) things to remeber:

* the value of Persons (not of workers, employees, etc.... PERSONS in all their human dimensions)
* the value of INNOVATION
* the value of COOPERATION (instead of Competition) .... think about Strategic Agreements, among PERSONS who manage companies.

These guys (the dutch) were proactive (maybe even happy) about the Crisis ... but we (the team we were there) were even HAPPIER about the changes and chances we were facing and pursuing.