lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014


10 key concepts for understanding and delivering Prosperity in this times we are living in. What business schools do not teach yet (but will):

1.- Organizational Healing.

The Health of an organization has to do with its roots, finances, purpose, collaboration, communication, strategic vision, return to society, etc. But you can only achieve organizational health through the physical and emotional healing of the persons that are part of it.

2.- Organizational Energy / Living Organizations.

Any organization is a Living Organism. It has its own behaviours and character, and it has a life cicle from born and groth to death, including illnesses, has the capacity to learn, change, etc. As a living organism it has different levels of energy that organize, define and alter itself. Being conscious about these energies allows huge opportunities for diagnose and intervention.

3.- Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership of an organization, team or yourself means having a direct knowledge of what you lead, wider and more profound. Usually this knowledge refers to a better perception and comprehension of the persons in all their dimensions and to the awareness of the impact you have upon other groups and systems, including society and planet. The only way to advance in Conscious Leadership is to advance in self knowledge, which will actually lead to self development. The level of wellbeing in an organization is the direct result of the individual and collective actions of each and all of us.

4.- Integral Vision of the Being.

To look at people (and to yourself) as whole, complete, persons. You recognize and respecte the dimensions of the other: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; including higuer and lower level collaborators, clients, suppliers, citizens, users, etc.

5.- Personal Growth.

An organization grows when people grow. It will be no possible to develop an organization without its people development. Personal growth and development is a natural organizational task and responsibility, and has become a real must. 

6.- Systemic Vision.

To look at the organization as a system in itself, made of subsystems in different levels and, at the same time, as a part of bigger systems. Any change has an effect of the system, which will allways tend to recover an unstable balance.

7.- Collaboration and cooperation.

Collaboration and cooperation outperform competition among persons, units, companies, etc. Collaboration is within the human nature, and when you give room for authentic collaboration you reach higher states of competitiveness and happiness. Believes, behavioural squemes, habits and, above all, your fears, will destroy your honest and natural wish to collaborate with others towards a higher and common goal. Appreciative Collaboration is a higher state of human collaboration.

8.- Common Good and Organizational Prosperity.

All organizations find a bigger Sense when its mission and activity is oriented towards the common good. Persons find wholeness and happiness when we dedicate our efforts to organizations with Sense. Organizations find real prosperity when when they integrate profit with People, and respect the Planet.

9.- Values. 

Persons are commited, motivated and find a strong orientation for their activities when the organization and its leaders manage through organizational values that link with human values. Sometimes organizational values are not person oriented or related.

10.- Empowerment

No change will happen at any level if you do not decide to take the power to desire a change. You should be aware that change is in you and not in others, and you have to take the decission to act. You are delegating your own happiness to external elements and you become a weaker person if you blame others (workmates, boss, subordinates, clients, the economy, etc.) for whatever happens in your life. Empower yourself while understanding that you can do something about what happens to you.

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