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WHAT DOES INNOVATION MEAN? The Human meaning of Innovation

“Innovation” has different meanings to all of us. This word is currently being used and abused, to the point that it widens so much that it looses its real meaning.

I have learned important things that make me realize that "Innovation" has a very human sense, further than the technical or technological meaning. I learned so through a survey conducted with people of different ages (between 25 and 50 years) and professions (from journalists, to students, engineers, consultants, civil servants, mothers and home workers).

In this word we capture human feelings and passions, we capture fears and expectation. We put a lot of sensitiveness and expectations in “Innovation”. We put future, welfare and relief. In a way, we put Love and Fear in it. Further than the technical or technological meaning, it is a very human word.

* Innovation is (28%) a Better Future, a means to go ahead, to change to transform, to advance and to renew. A way to move from one place to a better one.

* Innovation is (11%) hard to achieve, it is like getting by swimming to the Paradise Island, or climbing a mountain where we will enjoy a wonderful view. Innovation is like doing a journey to get to the holidays place. Innovation means effort.

* Innovation requires (17%) some capacities, such as Creativity. Getting on with something new is not obvious, and effort is not enough. Some inspiration is required, or some work towards thinking in a different way has to be put at this game.

* Innovation is not for sure (6%), as it takes some risc to get along this path. You do not always get to the end. You may fail… and this gives lots of interest, passion and adventure to the innovative activities.

* Innovation is (14%) related to Technology. This is not a surprise to me. Nevertheless, maybe the surprise is that, to most of us, it refers to Technology only in a low percentage.

* Innovation has to be (14%) practical… it is not about “the sex of the angels” (people wonder if angels are boys or girls… I wonder why they wonder.). It is about getting practical results, something that helps us to live better in one way or another. If it is not useful, it is not Innovation.

* Innovation has a Human Meaning (11%) or, to say it in other words, it has to have a Meaning. Great wonders here…. Big nuances here. The Human Meaning is diverse, as it depends of each Human being. Innovation is what you desire or what you love; Innovation is what you like or what you wish; Innovation comes from your guts and from your instinct. Innovation lies in a part of your mind that nurtures your wishes and hides your fears. Innovation lies in your sense of humor and Innovation is a channel for your energy.

To me, Innovation has a meaning, and this is the Meaning of Innovation

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