domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2011

Do You Believe In Life After Birth?

Two unborn babies, a believer and a non-believer are talking inside their mother's womb:

Non-Believer (N): Do you believe in life after birth?

Believer (B): Sure. There must be life after birth. We are here to

become strong enough and to get ready for what comes afterwards.

N: That's nonsense, there can be no life after birth. Can you imagine what such life would be like?

B: Well, I don't know all the details but I'm sure there will be more light there than here. Maybe we'll even be able to walk on our own legs and eat with our mouths.

N: What a nonsense! Eating with our mouths — that's ridiculous. We get our nourishment through the umbilical cord. And how are we going to walk around? The cord isn't long enough!

B: I'm sure there must be something. But perhaps everything will be a little different from what we are used to now.

N: But nobody has ever come back from there yet. Life simply ends with birth. After all, life is nothing but the constant feeling of being crammed in the dark.

B: Well, I don't exactly know what it will be like when we are born, but we'll be able to see our mother, and she'll take care of us.

N: Our mother? Do you really believe in mother? And where do you think she is?

B: Everywhere, all around us! We are living in her and thanks to her. Without her, we simply wouldn't exist.

N: I don't believe that! I've never noticed a mother so she doesn't exist at all.

B: Could you tell me then, thanks to whom do we exist?

N: I can't explain it to you just yet. Let us grow a little more and we'll find an explanation to it all. But why don't you tell me where was mother during the contractions? If she is so loving and caring, why didn't she help us? Why did we have to live through that nightmare

on our own?

B: I can't agree with you on that. You see, sometimes, when the world around us gets quiet, we could hear her singing and we could feel her caressing the world around us. You know, I honestly think that real

life is only awaiting us afterwards, out there...

written by Jirina Prekop a Checoslovakian psychologist.

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